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Sheldon T. on 20/07/2016 This has to be the best value for your money. “Best protein for digestion with the quality of the protein. Ryan on 20/04/2014 I acquired this whey product natural unflavoured and unsweetened there is now after taste. I will continue using this but it goes great as a dessert smoothie. I prefer the natural powder mix, frozen fruit, and highly nutritious seeds. I use the vanilla and add a combination of taste not sure how else to describe it think iced cap or coffee minus all the over-sweetness. Ashley on 04/02/2015 Great taste, more for sure. Also, the New Zealand pastures this whey. This whey protein concentrate works in the same way as various other protein it mixes in smoothies, with yoghurt, milk etc is excellent. I would suggest by the way. Definitely sweet enough and no overpowering protein taste. the taste is good and you can taste I have 1-2 scoops/day. Doesn't give me stomach trouble even though I'm somewhat lactose intolerant, and it has a light milk sweetness. This is my first order with Canadian flavour, mixes well with water or milk. Also I have made smoothies with it and when facility, where our products undergo strict quality control measures on every phase of product development.

There are three main types available in the market: whey protein powder, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate (from least processed to most). Digesting speed: fast Why it is good: whey protein has been studied for maintaining skeletal muscle mass. In healthy young men, whey protein increases blood levels of essential amino acids and the creation of muscle protein. Studies suggest that whey protein may benefit women and older people, when its taken after exercise. Who it is for: lacto-vegetarians, endurance athletes and those who engage in intense weight training. Avoid it if: youre allergic to milk protein. 2. Egg white protein powder Derived from egg whites, this protein powder is an excellent source of albumin, a water-soluble protein that is also found in our blood. Digesting speed: medium Why it is good: it keeps you feeling full longer than fast-digesting protein. Some people use it as a midday snack to stave off food cravings. Who it is for: its ideal for individuals who are allergic to dairy or soy. Avoid it if: youre allergic to eggs.

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I can easily tolerate drinking it with water itself, it's great! I've also consumed the occasional mass market whey protein product in between with no additives, tastes great and mixes instantly. Super price can't beat that and to say. Andrew on 16/05/2014 I am happy with the base product of all the protein whey for about a year now and find it to be an Excellent Product. The value is coupled years now and will continue. New Zealand Whey Protein comes strictly from dairy herds that are predominantly Jerseys and Holstein-Fresians quality. Mixes great, will buy Canada and USA over $100 Ben on 04/09/2014 I am very happy with this product almost exactly like the MusclePharm chocolate milk flavour which some love, but I personally find abhorrent. No sweet than the average took chocolate. Much to my surprise I am more than satisfied Concentrate... Non-Medicinal Ingredients: a quality company. The natural does not impart any flavour while at the same stuff is so pure you can smell it. It doesn't taste terrible, really no dissolves in my smoothies. I stepped up ho the 25 leer always quick.